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Major Oil Disaster – MV Treasure2017-05-05T15:28:06+00:00

Major Oil Disaster – MV Treasure

MV Treasure Spill: Tier 3 response is an international source response for an oil spill of over 5,000 barrels. Generally this service will only be mobilised once it becomes clear that the combination of in-country Tier 1 and Tier 2 resources will fail to fully combat the incident’s full potential. The MV Treasure was a 1259 ton (1259000 liters) spill.

Dave Marock was appointed by the Minister of Department of Environmental Affairs (DEAT) to attend to the clean up. As the Incident Command, Dave and his company did 90{b957ec127563d20d0df3f4661d03062c65b17fbce4d06850e603392bae7344de} of the shoreline, estuary & Dassen Island cleanup.mvtreasure1 mvtreasure2 mvtreasure3 mvtreasure4 mvtreasure5 mvtreasure6 mvtreasure7 mvtreasure8

Reference re this project Contact Anton Moldan Environmental Advisor (SAPIA)-The South African Petroleum Industry Association Telephone +27214198054